Hopkins 19621 Duo-Grip 22" Snowbrush Review

Hopkins 19621 Duo-Grip 22 Snowbrush
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Ice scrapers are a pretty humble tool, no one gives them much thought. Having spent my life in regions where layers of ice cover car windows every single winter morning, I'd gone through dozens of ice scrapers before stumbling on this guy. This one has clearly been designed by people who deal with a lot of icy windows.
First, they got the angles right. Most scrapers do this reasonably well so this isn't much of an accomplishment, but this one is the complete package. You get a good angle on both the windshield and the side windows, in most cases you only need a single pass. The handle is solidly designed so you can keep a decent grip when sweeping snow, too.
Second, the brush. You want the brush parallel with the handle to make it easy to sweep snow off the car. Many ice scrapers either omit the brush or attach it parallel with the scraper blade.. neither case is useful when you got 6 inches of powder to clear.
Third, the extra handle hovering over the scraper. This is what makes the tool better than any other. Sometimes you need a little extra "dig" to get the ice off, and pressing into the front grip lets you really lay in to stubborn ice.
The only downside with the brush is the blade is fairly cheap plastic.. about what you'd expect for ten bucks. It'll probably survive two or three winters of being tossed into the back seat before nicks in the blade make it annoying. Other than that the quality is superb. Bristles stay attached, and the handle is nice and thick.

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For over thirty years Hopkins has shaped the winter snow and ice tools category. The wide blades on our ice scrapers clear away frost with fewer strokes and less effort, and the powerful ice chippers break up the thickest ice of the season. Our snowbrooms are capable of pushing the wettest, deepest snow from your entire vehicle.

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